EM Sensor with Double-D 34×34 cm, 73×73 & 130×130 cm Mono Cable Coil / Extreme Deepest – Full Package

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Extreme Deepest; Deep Treasure search detector, thanks to the Electromagnetic Sensor, underground imaging is done as 3D imaging and that’s why we can say it is the best metal detector for gold.


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Extreme Deepest

Best Gold Detectors and Metal Detectors

Extreme Deepest; Deep Treasure search detector, thanks to the Electromagnetic Sensor, underground imaging is done as 3D imaging and that’s why we can say it is the best metal detector for gold.

DEEPEST; Pulse System Deep search detector is a Pulse metal detector produced with Ground Balance System technology, which incorporates 3 different technologies as a 3D imaging feature and Magnetometer (Passive Electromagnetic) system in a single product. It offers the use of Ground Balancing System and Unbalanced at the same time.

DEEPEST: It is a unique product that combines all these features with Professional Discrimination Metal Detector, single coin search with DD head, deep search with MONO kite heads and discrimination capability.
You will have an excellent product that combines all of these. You’ll notice that it has never used a detector that detects this deep. You will find everything you expect from a detector with its very easy use, excellent soil balance, high depth capacity and excellent discrimination ability in DEEPEST.
It has been produced in a robust and compact structure for professional treasure and treasure hunters as a result of many years of research and development, which can detect the most sensitive and stable metal.
DEEPEST; It is designed to deeply detect precious metal objects such as Gold, Silver, Copper etc. (Non Ferrous) and to detect at maximum level without losing almost any depth without being affected by magnetic stones and rocks on extremely mineral, mineral and salty soils. Thanks to specially designed electronic detection systems, it cancels the phantom signals coming from the ground. It stably reports signals from metal objects without being affected by temperature changes.
DEEPEST; Thanks to the developed electronic circuit design, it will be able to detect Treasures and treasures buried under the ground for many years at maximum depth, which prevents interference caused by intense electromagnetic pollution and electrical lines in the worst environmental conditions, can work healthily and stable under all kinds of conditions.
Thanks to its easy use, even people who have never used detectors can learn and start using all the features of DEEPEST in a very short time. For treasure and treasure hunters, miners, engineers, archaeologists, and scientists, Deepest makes exploration enjoyable.

SINGLE MONEY SEARCH; With the DD coil, you will have at least 2-3 times deeper than the VLF detectors and almost not affected by the mineral compared to the VLF detectors, and at the same time, you will have a top-level single money detector. It will provide the opportunity to work more stable, more stable and very comfortable with 34 cm DD search coil in extreme mineral and mineral soil conditions.

DEEPEST: Pulse discrimination metal detector has the feature of Nonmotion operation. In this way, with small search coils that can make the deepest detection at depths where other detectors cannot go, it will detect single coins, small objects, Gold Burials at medium depth, coins hidden in Stones and Rocks (Vault Cover), all targets at maximum depth, and will provide you with a unique land experience. It is a pulse detector that will keep you alive.

DEEP SEARCH; Large search coils are preferred to find deep and large treasures, treasures and the DEEP targets that are very difficult to reach. Using large searchcoils, it ignores undesired small objects such as superficial nails or foils. In this way, the detector focuses on larger and deeper targets. With its large search coils, it will be able to detect large metal targets up to a maximum depth of 6 meters.

EM system Magnetometer;
With the Magnetometer (Passive Electromagnetic) system, you can view structures (graves, caves, cellars, rooms, tunnels, wells, etc.) and magnetic metals under the ground, and can detect targets that cannot be detected with normal detector COILS in 3D on your smartphone or tablet, which can detect targets much more comfortably and deeply. will show.
With the Android 3D software, the data received with the help of a mobile phone or tablet computer provides the opportunity to analyze and analyze as 3D images. Thanks to 3D analysis, it provides the opportunity to make detailed analysis about the shape, size and estimated depth of the detected target.

The depth of the metal target detected with DEEPEST can be calculated. When the diameter information of the detected metal target is defined, the detector will automatically calculate the TARGET depth and report it as CM.

METAL SEPARATION; DD head, non-ferrous VALUABLE targets without interrupting the sound, ferrous VALUABLE targets muting the sound and at the same time informing with ID, numeric discrimination, also; It presents a detailed discrimination analysis by overriding the worthless and valuable (FE – NFE) article.
Large MONO coils are the ones with the deepest sensing capability. With these headings, it will present a detailed discrimination analysis by reporting both the ID number and the worthless and valuable (FE – NFE) article.
DEEPEST classifies each metal detected with numeric ID values on the LCD screen ( 00 – 99 ). Detector makes metal discrimination depending on the delay caused by reading. Thanks to its advanced metal discrimination feature, it classifies the metal type of the deep targets with numerical ID values.


00-40 Copper, Brass, Bronze
40-50 Silver, Aluminum, Big Gold
50-70 Iron, Steel
65-88 Mixed Metal (Tin), Lead
89-98 Small Gold, Platinum, Shiny Metals (small)

DEEPEST Full Package Include;

  • Main Unit
  • Carrying case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Fast charger (100-240VAC)
  • Earphones
  • Telescopic handle with 3 sticks
  • User guide,
  • 73×73 and 130×130 cm kite head apparatus set,


  • 34 cm Double D Coil
  • 73 x 73 Mono Cable Coil (130×130 cm 2 Coils)
  • 130 x 130 Mono Cable Coil
  • EM Imaging Sensor
Detection Depths
Mine type / searchcoil 34 cm
DD head
70 cm
Kite 8 Gen head
130 x 130 m
8 Wide header
1,5 x 1,5 m

square header

Half Gold
diameter = 1.7 cm
25 cm 40 cm(X) X X
Gold bracelet

print = 7 cm

70 cm 110 cm 120 cm 100
copper plate

10 x 10 cm

80 cm 120 cm 130 cm 150 cm
copper plate

20 x 20 cm

110 cm 160 cm 200 cm 250 cm
Steel Helmet

25 x 25

130 cm 190 cm 250 cm 300 cm

Technicial Specifications



Working system

Enhanced Pulse Induction (Pulse Pulse)

Operating Frequency

Sending 1000 Pulse Pulses Per Second


Liquid Crystal LCD – Standard Illuminated

Ground Balance

Automatic and Manual

Sensitivity/Depth Adjustment

Level (1-9) Sense

Gain/Power Adjustment

Level (1-9) Gain

Ground/Timing Adjustment

Level (1-9) Gnd

Detection Modes

With 3 Modes 1. General, 2. Sensitive 3. 3D Instant Space and Metal in beer

Metal Separation

ID Numerical, Fe NFe and DD Distinguishes Audible in the title.

Rechargeable Battery

12.6 Lithium polymer 4.5 mA

Charging Time/Voltage Output

That’s 10 Hours / 13.8 Volts

Operation time

6 to 8 Hours

Depth Indicator

Notifies automatically with cm

Headphone jack

¼ Mono Jack

Low Battery Indicator


Operating Temperature Range

-10C° + 50C°


Wireless Universal Doungle

Search Headers

34 cm DD Coil, 73 x 73 Coil, 130 x130 cm Wired Coil

NOTE; Detection depths may differ due to different ground or delay settings. Much higher detection depths can be expected with larger metal objects. Since the depth information in the table is new burials, they are not counted as real depths . Pulse detectors detect targets buried under the ground for a long time, at least 2 times deeper.


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