Extreme Detector’s Gold Detectors and Metal Detectors have been tested in many parts of the world and have successfully passed the test, especially in difficult volcanic soil conditions. We describe it as the best gold and metal detector. We are happy to have created an economical product with 3 systems in one device that can be used as both VLF, Pulse and Underground Imaging.


We are strong and we love to produce. We deliver it to your door with free and reliable shipping all over the world, once you pay your taxes. The best gold prospecting detector is in professional and high quality metal detector on extreme detector. 
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Your life can change completely with a detector.

You can turn your treasure hunting hobby into profit with a powerful and professional gold detector. You can gain complete financial freedom in an instant. It's definitely possible, you know it too.

The best metal detector for you to buy is the Extreme Deepest Series. Our product development team has produced the best detector for you. 3 systems in one device

There are currently no metal detectors in the world that only find gold, and those who say they only find gold are definitely scammers and liars. But thanks to the high discrimination feature of our gold detectors, you can find precious metals thanks to the discrimination feature.

On average, it starts as low as $500. It varies depending on the systems. There are systems costing $2000 – $3000 dollars and above. But Extreme Detectors are as professional as $10,000-$30,000 devices.

Gold detectors are not a new technology, but many people have been using metal detectors to detect gold for ages

Extreme Deepest

The detector tested on volcanic stones and high metal alloy stones and soils is a successful detector and is the Extreme Deepest Gold Detector Series.

Extreme Pronitron

It is a candidate to be the best in the world in our field scanning detector. We welcome those who trust the field scanning device with 99% real results in the field to our land.

The best field scanning device; extreme pronitron is the Gold Hunter series. Extreme Pronitron ; In the cavity search mode, the area scanning detector can accurately detect structures containing cavities such as graves, cellars, tunnels and caves within a diameter of 100 meters and at a depth of 15 meters.

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Best Detector Models
• Extreme Deepest
• Extreme Pronitron

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