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Extreme Detector

Extreme Detector was established as a metal detector manufacturer as a result of years of R&D and research. We had the most excellent experience by testing it at the foot of volcanic mountains and on volcanic stones that were detected as metal by the devices. We produce the most beautiful devices. We produce detectors, field scanning and underground imaging systems that can pass tests even in the most difficult soil conditions.

Extreme detector develops itself to produce more innovative and professional devices with its expert staff and works integrated with today’s technology.

Detector types suitable for every need and budget eliminate the distances in shopping, and we deliver the detector of your dreams to your address with one click. We make online shopping easier internationally with services such as convenient payment terms and installment opportunities, fast payment and secure delivery…

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Detector Models

  • Treasure Detector
  • Gold Detector
  • Metal Detector
  • VLF Detector
  • Pulse Detector
  • Discriminate Detector
  • Underground Detector
  • Deep Detector
  • Long-range Locator
  • Long Range Detector
  • Underwater Detector
  • Gap Detector
  • Deepest Gold Detector

Best Detector Models
• Extreme Deepest
• Extreme Pronitron

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Our Mission

Our company, which aims to be a pioneer in the detector sector, works to provide all the services that customers need in this field. There are many detector companies in the industry, but most companies do not go beyond just telling their theories about the devices they sell. Few of these operate as full-service. Our aim is to meet all the needs of our customers in one way and to provide the best service while doing this. In this field, where the correct diagnosis of the problem and finding the correct solution requires serious expertise, our company offers its knowledge, experience and experience to our valued customers. Treasure and Mineral Exploration Detectors, Extreme Detector, which offers the world’s most advanced technologies in this field to our customers and is the pioneer of new technologies, is honored to offer Metal Detectors as well as Underground Imaging systems and Field Scanning Devices (which are used to get closer to the searched target) to our valued customers. Our company continues to provide you with the latest technologies under the most suitable conditions by following the developments in the world for you. To present the devices that will maximize customer satisfaction to our customers. It gives practical training to the smallest detail about the practical use of the devices purchased from us or to be purchased from us, in order to use the devices at maximum performance. We are working to offer all kinds of solutions to our customers by showing the tricks and practical usage techniques of the devices in practice, thus approaching the customer not with the Buyer-seller logic, but with the Teacher-Student logic.


Our Vision

To produce the most advanced detector technologies in this last period of technology, to try and prove them in difficult soil conditions and to serve the hearts of our customers.

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